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Bill To Repeal Common Core Moves To Full House

Less than a day after an election in which Republicans won big in Ohio and across the country, the bill to repeal the Common Core education standards has passed out of committee and now awaits a possible vote on the Ohio House floor. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Republican Representative Andy Thompson of Marietta says it’s time to go to work and talk to the rest of his Republican caucus members—building more support to repeal the Common Core.

Thompson—who co-sponsored the anti-Common Core bill—says the standards are weak and just one of many failing policies from the Obama Administration. Thompson says Ohioans made their voice heard on Election Day when it comes to what they think about the president’s issues.

Thompson: “There was a referendum on the agenda as it has been coming out of Washington D.C.—particularly from the administration—and I think that’s what was repudiated on Tuesday night.”

But supporters of the Common Core argue the standards weren’t created by the federal government or President Obama. The National Governors Association and the country’s top school officials that made the standards and the feds backed it with funding.

Thompson hopes to see the bill pass before the end of the year—during lame duck session.

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