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The Statehouse News Bureau was founded in 1980 to provide educational, comprehensive coverage of legislation, elections, issues and other activities surrounding the Statehouse to Ohio's public radio and television stations. To this day, the Bureau remains the only broadcast outlet dedicated to in-depth coverage of state government news and topics of statewide interest. The Bureau is funded througheTech Ohio, and is managed by ideastream

The reporters at the Bureau follow the concerns of the citizens and voters of Ohio, as well as the actions of the Governor, the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Supreme Court, and other elected officials. We strive to cover statehouse news, government issues, Ohio politics, and concerns of business, culture and the arts with balance and fairness, and work to present diverse voices and points of view from the Statehouse and throughout Ohio. 

The three award-winning journalists at the bureau have more than 60 combined years of radio and television experience. They can be heard on National Public Radio and are regular contributors to Morning EditionAll Things Considered and Marketplace

Every weekday, the Statehouse News Bureau produces in-depth news reports forOhio's public radio stations. Those stories are also available on this website, either on the front page or in our archives. Weekly, the Statehouse News Bureau produces a television show from our studios in the Statehouse. The State of Ohio is an unique blend of news, interviews, talk and analysis, and is broadcast on Ohio's public television stations

The Statehouse News Bureau also produces special programming throughout the year, including the Governor's annual State of the State address to the Ohio General Assembly and a five-part year-end review. 

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Ohio’s unemployment rate was down slightly in June.

Karen Kasler

Nearly half of the 25 vetoes that Governor Mike DeWine issued when he signed the two-year state budget deal with health care and Medicaid, which is the state’s largest program.


It looks like Ohioans might get to vote on a proposed law that would expand background checks for firearm sales after all.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the new two-year state budget Thursday, and he included 25 vetoes. 

Ohio Public Radio

The energy bill that would save Ohio's two nuclear plants from closure while making cuts to renewable and efficiency policies has stalled in the Ohio House. 

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio lawmakers who failed to meet the constitutional June 30th deadline to pass a new two-year state budget worked from a temporary plan while deadlocked over tax cuts, education spending and more.

WCBE files

Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and Vice President Mike Pence visited federal immigration detention facilities  in Texas over the weekend. 

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio House and Senate negotiators have reached a deal on a 69 billion dollar two-year state budget plan. 

Ohio Public Radio

Governor Mike DeWine has appointed a task force to consider the future of the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus.  

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Federal immigration officials are ramping up efforts to crack down on people who lack legal residency status. 

Ohio Public Radio

State officials Wednesday opened a 45 million dollar testing facility for self-driving vehicles in East Liberty.  


A gun safety group has resubmitted a proposal that could potentially end up on the ballot next year.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio is operating on a budget extension since lawmakers failed to pass a new two-year state budget by the constitutionally mandated June 30 deadline.

Ohio Legislature

The leader of the Ohio Democratic Party is criticizing a bill to give tax credits to people who donate to non-profit pregnancy crisis centers that steer women away from abortion.

Ohio Public Radio

The owner of Ohio’s two nuclear power plants says it still plans to deactivate and decommission them since lawmakers were not able to pass a bail out measure before the June 30 deadline.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has signed a stopgap measure to continue state funding after lawmakers failed to meet a statutory deadline of Sunday on a two-year operating budget. 

Ohio Public Radio

For the first time in a decade, state officials are poised to miss the deadline to get the two-year operating budget to the governor for his signature.


Ohioans have just a couple of days to fill up before the new statewide gas tax goes into effect.

The Ohio Senate has passed a 645 million dollar budget for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, after stripping out sections added by the House on first responders and immigration.  

Ohio Public Radio

Health officials plan to oppose a bill in the Ohio House that would block employers from requiring workers to get vaccines. 

Ohio Public Radio

An online university that started offering classes in Ohio a year ago is now a point of difference in the state budget process. 

Ohio Public Radio

Opponents of state takeovers of local school districts made a last-minute push Thursday to get rid of academic distress commissions through the state budget bill. 

Dan Konik

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled federal courts cannot judge if extreme partisan gerrymandering violates the constitution. 

Ohio Public Radio

It’s looking like the conference committee working on a compromise state budget will go into the weekend – with the deadline to sign the budget on Sunday night.

The Ohio Board of Education has expanded social and emotional learning standards for grades k through 12. 

Ohio Public Radio

Backers of a bipartisan school funding formula overhaul are again trying to get it passed after failing to get their new formula in the state budget. 

Ohio Public Radio

An Ohio Senate committee has amended the energy bill that could bail out the state's nuclear power plants. 

Ohio Public Radio

Prominent attorney Robert F. Kennedy Junior says vaccines are making children sick. 

Ohio Public Radio

A prominent historian and author who is visiting Ohio thinks there are signs the political divisiveness that has gripped government could relax in the future.

Ohio Public Radio

The two-year state budget bill is headed to a conference committee Tuesday to work out significant differences between the Ohio House and Senate versions.