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House Speaker Expects Medical Marijuana Legislation in 2016

The future of marijuana in Ohio is uncertain after the resounding defeat of an effort to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use in a single vote.  Few people, however, believe the fight is over.  

The proposal voters rejected Tuesday is expected to be followed next year by a more conventional legalization initiative, one that doesn't include exclusive growing rights for private investors. That provision was targeted successfully by opponents.   Early talk began Wednesday of legislative action legalizing medical marijuana in some form. House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger told reporters Wednesday he expects to have more details in the coming weeks about a series of resolutions and legislative steps on medical marijuana.  The Clarksville Republican says proposals would include urging the federal government to lower marijuana to a less strict schedule of drug designations, along with providing support for clinical trials and engaging the medical community.  A representative of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, which opposed Tuesday's initiative, said "it's not over and done."

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