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Marijuana Issue Backers Outspent Foes 10 to 1

Campaign finance filings show backers spent more than $21 million on a losing fall campaign to legalize marijuana in Ohio for personal and medical use.   

Figures reported to Secretary of State Jon HustedFriday showed most of the nearly $12 million ResponsibleOhio raised from July to October came from 10 contributing entities listed under corporate names. About 250 people gave individual contributions during the period. Their contributions of $2 to $200 totaled less than $8,000.   Filings showed Ohioans Against Marijuana Monopolies raised and spent about $2.1 million.  Its opposition campaign centered on the proposal's creation of 10 exclusive marijuana growing sites.   

Approval of Issue 3 would have made Ohio the first state nationally to take marijuana from illegal to fully legal in a single vote.

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