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County GOP Endorses Ward Representation Ballot Issue


The Franklin County Republican Party has endorsed the August 2 ballot issue to add ward representation to Columbus City Council. Jim Letizia reports.  

A Republican has not served on City Council since Jeanette Bradley left office in 2002. Some say that's because of  the party's internal problems, the Council appointment process, and the large Democratic political machine. Others say it's because Council Democrats usually vote like Republicans on issues like tax breaks, meaning the party has no motivation to launch a serious challenge. But the county GOP's central committee voted last night to endorse the measure that could put more Republicans on Council, despite opposition from former Republican Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka. He said the city should look at other ways to solve the representation problems backers of the ballot issue have cited as their primary motivation. Other opponents have said ward representation in other cities has proven to be rife with corruption. The measure expands Council from seven seats to 13, with ten of those seats being ward representatives. The Franklin County Democratic Party has joined with the local establishment and opposes the measure. 


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