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Ohio House Approves Bill Allowing Weapons In "Gun-Free Zones"

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House has approved a bill allowing licensed permit holders to carry concealed weapons into gun-free zones. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Republican Representative John Becker says this bill is to help people who mistakenly carry a gun into the wrong place.


Under the measure, a concealed carry permit holder can take a gun into a gun-free zone. They’re not breaking the law until someone notices the weapon and asks them to leave.


Becker says this is how the situation normally plays out now, only under his bill that person won’t be charged with a crime unless they refuse to leave.


Becker: “So in either case the guy under current law has to simply say ‘sorry officer I forgot I had the gun on me or I didn’t even realize this was a gun free zone’ or something and the guy leaves and that’s the end of it.”


Opponents say this puts the burden on the property owner, business manager or school employee to confront someone with a gun.


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