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O’Neill To Resign Next Month

Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Supreme Court

As expected, Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill has submitted his resignation. 

But it’s not effective immediately. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.


O’Neill has been running for Governor since October and hasn't been hearing cases since then. He's now announced he’s leaving the court January 26In newly released emails, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor made it clear that she thinks he should have quit the day he began running six weeks ago. And some Republican and even Democratic state leaders have questioned his presence on the bench once he started making his public policy positions known. The Ohio Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Counsel, in a written statement, says it cannot confirm if a formal complaint has been filed against O’Neill for that. O’Neill is the only Democrat on the state’s high court, and his replacement would be picked by Republican Governor John Kasich. But O'Neill says he most often votes along with O’Connor anyway.

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