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Trump Criticizes GM's Decision To Close Lordstown

General Motors

General Motors says in a statement last night the future of Lordstown and other plants scheduled to be closed will be resolved between GM and the United Auto Workers Union. 

The automaker also says it has opportunities available for virtually all employees of the plants. The statement came after President Trump announced he has spoken with CEO Mary Barra about his frustration over the automaker's closure of Lordstown plant while the U.S. economy continues to fare well.  Trump disclosed his conversation with Barra in a Sunday evening tweet that followed earlier posts during the weekend that blasted GM for closing Lordstown and putting 17 hundred  people out of work. Those tweets criticized GM for letting down the U.S. and urged the company to reopen the plant or find a new owner quickly. In his latest tweet, Trump said he reiterated to Barra that GM should do something quickly, including potentially selling the plant. Trump urged the company to reopen the plant or find a new owner quickly.

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