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Ohio Senate Passes Two Controversial Abortion Bills


The Ohio Senate has passed and sent to the Ohio House two controversial abortion bills. One involves abortion reversal, a practice that is not backed by mainstream medical professionals. That other subjects doctors to steep penalties for failing to deal with aborted remains in a particular way.  Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Republican Senator Peggy Lehner says women can reverse a two-step medication abortion by taking progesterone instead of the second abortion inducing pill. She says her bill requires doctors to tell women about it.

“This legislation simply gives women information on an alternative choice if they change their mind and want to continue their pregnancy," Lehner says.

Democrats including Senator Nickie Antonio call the procedure outlined in this bill  "junk science." And the American College of Obstertricians and Gynecologists says it has not been scientifically tested and think it could have dangerous side effects.  Antonio says it is unfair to require doctors to talk about something that isn’t medically sound.

“This bill has severe unintended consequences that we will be dealing with for years to come," Antonio says.

The bill passed the Senate 22-10, pretty much along party lines. The Senate also passed, by a margin of 42-9, a bill that mandates doctors report if a fetus isn’t completely destroyed via abortion and requires them to preserve it or face penalties.  

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