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Lawmakers Debate Basis For COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Exemptions

Karen Kasler
Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio lawmakers are debating a bill that would make it easier for someone to be exempt from a COVID vaccine mandate. Part of that debate is over who is asking for the law in the first place. 

Opponents of the bill argue that, with 65% of the state vaccinated, a bill to create exemptions would be to satisfy what they call a "vocal minority," some of whom have shared misinformation on this and other bills.

Republican Representative Dick Stein, who chairs the committee holding hearings, says he still thinks exemptions are important to consider. 

"A lot of us agree that the vaccine works. It has a more positive than certainly a negative but at the same time there are those out there that see it in a different light and do they have an opinion that needs to be honored."

Republican leadership is hoping to pass a bill with consensus in the caucus, however they're expecting a lot of amendments that could be proposed.


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