Karen Kasler (Ohio Public Radio)

Karen Kasler

The legislation making changes across a variety of state policies because of coronavirus also settled an issue that lawmakers had been struggling with for months. That’s the question of how many students would qualify next school year for the state’s largest private school voucher program.

Karen Kasler

The bill that made some changes across state law related to coronavirus also set a new ending for the Ohio primary, after polling places were shut down just hours before election day.

Gov. Mike DeWine says the state is limiting prescriptions of two drugs used for malaria and rheumatoid arthritis, after interest in those drugs spiked when President Trump tweeted out that they could be used to treatment COVID-19. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.



The Ohio National Guard is being deployed on Monday to help with the state’s coronavirus response. But the Guard’s leader wants to make it clear what they will not be doing.  Statehouse correspondent Karen Kalser explains.

The attorney general is advising Ohio’s courts that they can suspend jury trials to stop the spread of coronavirus. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.


A southeast Ohio lawmaker has taken to Twitter to blast the state’s non-profit economic development company for not helping his region enough, and the governor says he’s also concerned.

Karen Kasler

Some more men are coming forward with stories of sexual assault by a former Ohio State sports doctor to join the push for a legal change to allow them to sue the university.

A group of school districts that aren’t getting the money they say the state’s school funding formula calculates they should get are threatening a federal lawsuit if the issue isn’t resolved. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

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The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to challenge Ohio's "Heartbeat Bill", a ban on abortion at the first detection of a fetal heartbeat. That can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.


The Republican and Democratic candidates for governor met for their second face-to-face debate, this time taking questions from an audience and via social media at Marietta College. 

The issue of guns and gun violence has energized some Republicans such as Governor John Kasich. 

Planned Parenthood has fired back at Attorney General Mike DeWine, who has charged that the organization’s three Ohio abortion clinics mishandled fetal remains. 

The State of Ohio

A former high school football coach turned state lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to alert coaches to the signs of sudden cardiac arrest – the number one cause of death in student athletes. 

Karen Kasler

The chief strategist behind President George W. Bush’s campaigns has written a book about another president – Ohio’s William McKinley, elected in 1896. 

The first issue on the ballot was the first to be called, as it was apparent early on that voters were approving Issue 1 overwhelmingly. 

For the first time, Ohio’s law enforcement agencies now have a set of minimum standards for the use of deadly force and for recruitment and hiring. 

Gov. John Kasich is ready to run for president – he’s scheduled his campaign kick off for a few weeks from now at his alma mater. 

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As electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular, the numbers of medical crises involving the liquid nicotine refills they use are rising dramatically. 

A bill that would all but ban traffic cameras by requiring cities to post police officers at each camera location is speeding through the legislature. 

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Praise poured in after news came out over the weekend of the death of longtime Ohio Republican Party chair Bob Bennett.

Sarah Ingles

There weren’t any surprises in the statewide races. But there were some shockers in the Statehouse races – including a major upset. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed with Governor John Kasich in a battle over releasing his public schedule. 

There’s plenty of data on Ohio elections, but it’s often not organized beyond contest, candidate and year. But now there’s a website that’s taken 150 years of Ohio election results to make that data more understandable, more useful, and to some, even more fascinating than it already is. 

The only issue on Tuesday’s statewide ballot has no organized opposition. But the bond issue to raise money for local infrastructure construction and repair projects does have a few critics in the Tea Party. 

Candidates hoping to appear on the May ballot  need to file the paperwork by February 5.

The panel of lawmakers and private citizens that will be asked to recommend changes to Ohio’s Constitution is looking at the way the lines for legislative districts are drawn.

As the weather gets colder, there are more than a few Ohioans who are right now planning their annual extended stays in Florida or other warm climates.

In Ohio on Friday, a hearing in federal court could decide whether that state will become the first to use a particular cocktail of deadly drugs to execute an inmate. It's the latest chapter in what's become a troubled history of capital punishment in that state.

While Texas is far and away the busiest state in the nation for executions, Ohio is just seven spots behind it. It has carried out 52 executions since 1999 and three so far this year, with another one scheduled in two weeks. And that one, the execution of Ronald Phillips, could use a new drug cocktail.

Tea Party activists are being told they have a lot of opportunity in next year’s elections, as they continue to oppose Republicans on several issues.

For thousands of voters in Ohio, Election Day is going to be a day of rest — because they worked hard to vote on Sunday.

Thousands stood in long lines at voting sites in northeast Ohio, in southwest Ohio and in central Ohio. But the Franklin County Early Voting Center may have had the most carnival-like atmosphere.