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Citing Lack Of Consensus, Vaccination Exemption Bill Shelved

Dan Konik
Statehouse News Bureau

Republicans are shelving a bill that would create broad exemptions for nearly anyone who wants to opt out of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The legislation has been the big debate as House Republicans continue to fall on different sides of the issue. 

The legislation would have allowed students and employees who don't work at a children's hospitals or ICUs to be exempted from COVID-19 vaccine mandates, both in the public and private sector. 

Republican House Speaker Bob Cupp says the caucus is split and cannot reach a consensus.

"We put in countless hours, not only weeks but months on this bill with all kinds of And so it's time now to move on to other important topics."

The House has held long hearings on several vaccine-related bills, including one that bans all vaccine mandates, when asked if these other bills might come up Cupp repeated it's time to "move on."

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