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"Build Back Better" Could Bring Ohio Pre-K And Senior Health Care

Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau

With the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passing a few days ago, backers of the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better ACT are now looking at voting on that plan, another element of President Biden’s economic agenda. And they say has a lot that can help Ohioans.

While the infrastructure bill puts money into roads, broadband and pipelines, this has funding for universal pre-K and child care benefits. And Steven Wagner with UHCAN Ohio says it will provide money for home health services for senior citizens. 

“Without that kind of support, often called home community-based services, they would have to live outside their community, outside their home, potentially in a long term care facility or assisted living facility.” 

Opponents, including Republicans and some moderate Democrats, say the bill is too expensive and would raise taxes on corporations and high wealth people, which they say would hurt the overall economy.