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For the second time this week, a new Ohio law requiring fetal tissue from abortions be buried or cremated was put on hold. Now, Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports Ohio’s new telemedicine abortion law will not go into effect on April 12th as planned.

Jo Ingles

Separatist groups using the hag tag “White Lives Matter” are protesting throughout the nation this week. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports one such group plans to gather at the Ohio Statehouse.

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A state law that bans the use of telemedicine in medication abortions is set to go into effect on April 12th. But a lawsuit has been filed to prevent that from happening. 

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The number of positive COVID-19 tests in Ohio is increasing this week. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

Jo Ingles

Many Ohioans have security cameras inside their homes but Ohio law prohibits residents who live in assisted living or long-term care nursing facilities from having them. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports a bill has been proposed to change that.

Ohio House Democrats

Nearly all of Ohio’s Democratic lawmakers in the Ohio Legislature have already received COVID-19 vaccines or plan to do so in the near future. And most of Ohio’s Republican legislators have or are doing the same. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

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Friday March 19, 2021 marks one year since the first Ohioan died from COVID-19. Since then, more than 18,000 Ohioans have died from the virus. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports on some of them.

Jo Ingles

There’s a jump in the state’s latest numbers of people who have died from COVID-19. But there’s a reason for that. 

Jo Ingles

Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump chastised Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzales for voting to impeach him and praised his announced primary opponent, Max Miller. And other Republicans have called for Gonzales to step down. But as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, at least one top Republican is backing Gonzales. 

The Ohio Department of Health is making major changes to the system it uses for recording COVID-19 deaths. This comes weeks after it was discovered that more than 4000 deaths were not recorded. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles explains. 

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An Ohio House committee has stripped a provision from the governor’s transportation budget that targets distracted driving. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports.

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

Columbus will be the site of Ohio’s third so-called “innovation district”, hoping to draw in high-tech investment and jobs. And as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, this one will be a $1 billion collaboration between the state, Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University. 

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Ohio is one of only six states in the country that doesn’t have an income tax on corporate profits. A liberal leaning think tank that studies public policy says that needs to change. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

Some of the 140,000 Ohioans who have recently filed for unemployment may not be getting their checks soon due to another problem with fraud in the system for processing those claims. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

Multiple sources confirm there have been some big staffing changes at the Ohio Democratic Party in recent days. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

Jo Ingles

Democratic US Sen Sherrod Brown is calling on President Trump’s cabinet to remove him from office using the 25th amendment. That would allow Vice President Mike Pence and a majority of the cabinet to declare Trump unfit for office.

U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown (D-OH) condemned the mob that stormed the Capitol and he wants Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment. That would put Vice President Mike Pence in charge for the next 12 days, until the inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden later this month.

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Black Friday is just a few days away and this year, it will look very different. Long lines and crowded stores are no longer allowed under Ohio’s coronavirus prevention restrictions. And as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, that means retailers in Ohio – big box retailers and small shops alike – will have to change the way they do business.

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The two men whose names are on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage are urging the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court.

Jo Ingles

The Franklin County Board of Elections says a large number of voters were sent the wrong absentee ballots in the mail. Officials say a significant amount of voters received ballots meant for someone else, and they are working on re-sending the correct ballots to those addresses. They blame the mistake on a malfunction with a high-speed scanner used to proof ballots. 

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In the wake of President Trump's diagnosis with COVID-19 and brief hospitalization, medical experts and elected officials are analyzing his treatment and behavior.  

Jo Ingles

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine did not attend Tuesday’s debate in Cleveland, but Lt. Gov. Jon Husted did. He's being monitored as a precaution.

Gov. Mike DeWine is ready to tackle reforming managed care in the Ohio Medicaid program. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles has more on the story. 


The woman in charge of the state agency that administers the unemployment system was on the hot seat yesterday as a panel of state lawmakers questioned her about inefficiencies in the system.

Ohio House

As Ohio opens for business again, many workers have qualms about returning to their jobs. Some Democrats are proposing a bill they say will protect those workers.

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COVID-19 closed down the March primary election, and lawmakers extended the absentee ballot deadline to late April.  Voter rights groups are asking state lawmakers to reform voting laws now, to avoid confusion before the November election. But Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports they are not necessarily on the same page when it comes to which reforms should be made.   

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Non-essential businesses that were closed during the past month due to COVID-19 are now starting to reopen. But as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, some worry that’s happening too quickly without proper safeguards.

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Ohio’s retail businesses that were shut down as non-essential are being allowed to open Tuesday. And by the end of next week, many restaurants, bars and hair salons will also reopen. 

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Ohio is among the top states for several agricultural crops and for food production and processing. But while farming is considered an essential business under the various shutdown orders, it's a tough time for those who run the state's 76,000 farms. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles has more.

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The Ohio National Guard’s Military Reserve soldiers have been helping out at food banks, but they are also collecting and distributing personal protective equipment to people who need it.

Small business leaders throughout the state are telling a House panel looking at how to lift Ohio’s Stay Home order they need to allow businesses to open now. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles has details.