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Lt. Gov. Husted Says He Doesn't Know Why FirstEnergy Execs Named Him In Court Filings

Andy Chow
Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted has been named in court filings related to a lawsuit against former FirstEnergy executives. The defendants say Husted is someone who could have potential evidence regarding accusations of wrongdoing in the nuclear power plant bailout saga.

Jon Husted says he has no idea why former FirstEnergy executives named him as someone who would have discoverable information, and he adds that so far no one has contacted him.

"But I'm always willing and happy to help anybody involved in the criminal justice system to find justice, whether that is a prosecution or an exoneration. Happy -- if there's any information out there that I can provide -- to do so."

Shareholders accuse the former utility bosses of breaching their fiduciary duties and unjustly enriching themselves when they played a role in a multi-million dollar bribery scheme to bailout FirstEnergy nuclear plants.

The executives have not been charged with a crime but FirstEnergy agreed to a $230 million plea deal in the case.

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