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John DeSando and Jim Coe experiment with theatre criticism by reviewing Columbus Civic Theatre's recent production of A Doll's House Part Two. Contact:

Play Reviewed: A Doll's House Part Two at Columbus Civic Theatre.

A five minute radio segment:

A full video version:

WCBE listeners are a culture, independent-minded and selective about their channels of information. Whether it's for news sources or art forms, they choose to tune in to 90.5 FM because it speaks to them.

We're approaching the date of the 13th annual Townes Van Zandt Tribute show, March 7, birthday of the late songwriter, and on Thursday evening this year, at Dick's Den starting at 6:00, ending at last call.

There are a lot of myths about public radio.  Big mahogany desks.  Limousines.  Gold-plated microphones.  None of these are here at WCBE.  In an effort to correct these myths, WCBE has produced this series of our fiscal facts and foibles to set the record straight.


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NEW: December 17 - 26th, GreenB.E.A.N Delivery will INCREASE their donation to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank from 2 pounds to 4 pounds of fresh produce for every donation given to WCBE!

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery and WCBE-FM kick off third annual food drive to benefit Mid-Ohio Food Bank