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Protecting What Matters

The Ohio Department of Commerce is the state’s chief regulatory agency with a specific focus on consumer protection. We issue more than 600,000 licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications each year in various professions, industries, and commercial enterprises. We have a vital role in keeping people, property, and assets safe. From real estate to fireworks, banks to construction, and more, this podcast is a resource for businesses, families, and individuals that want to protect what matters most in their life. Protecting what matters can also be heard on air on Saturdays at 8:30AM and also on Anchor.

Latest Episodes
  • Learn about the Ohio Task Force on Volunteer Fire Service from State Fire Marshal Kevin Reardon and Superintendent Jack Smith from the Ohio Fire Academy. Ohio has 1180 fire departments. Approximately 70% of the fire of those departments are staffed by volunteers.
  • In this episode of Protecting What Matters, learn how liquor laws are enforced in Ohio and the state agencies that work with bars, restaurants, and other liquor permit holders to keep environments and products safe for all those who choose to enjoy beverages that contain alcohol.
  • This edition of Protecting What Matters shares key factors and resources that can help or hurt your credit score for National Credit Education Month. Learn the difference between a credit report and credit score, how long an issue can stay on your report, how to save money with your score, and how a joint account can impact your score plus a lot more!
  • Between 20-40% of all preventable fire deaths are related to smoking. Specifically, smoking while on oxygen, smoking while tired or medicated, and discarding cigarettes in an unapproved container. The division of State Fire Marshal is alarmed at the number of preventable fire fatalities across Ohio. We must work together to bring these tragic numbers down.
  • In this episode of Protecting What Matters, you’ll learn how OHLQ’s work is creating energy and conversation around the social responsibility movement.
  • The Division of Unclaimed Funds wants to reunite Ohioans with their forgotten money and is making a special push for that in February.
  • In this episode of Protecting What Matters, we're helping you every step of the way as you buy a home - including how to select a real estate agent, lender, and more.
  • This episode of Protecting What Matters features the Seed to Sip series, which reminds us that found in every glass of your favorite spirit is a story of agriculture, art, and science.
  • This episode of Protecting What Matters features a discussion about the grant funding available each year to fire departments across the state.
  • In this episode of Protecting What Matters, we're helping you review your spending and investing habits and create a better plan for 2023.