DeWine Appoints First Female ODH Director

Feb 27, 2019

Amy Acton (L) and Mike DeWine after Action was sworn into office
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has appointed the first woman to head the Ohio Department of Health. 

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Amy Acton has decades of experience as a doctor and administrator. She’s the first physician to lead the agency in almost five years. And Acton says she has a holistic approach.

“The food we eat is our health. Where we live, the zip code we’re born into is our health. All the things that surround us are creating the conditions in which we can lead flourishing lives.”

Among Acton’s priorities are infant mortality and youth homelessness, which she says she experienced growing up in Youngstown. The Department of Health oversees Ohio’s abortion clinics. Acton says she doesn’t have a stance on abortion but that she’ll follow the law.