DeWine Stands By His Administration's Revenue Estimates

Mar 21, 2019

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is standing behind the revenue estimates used to create his state budget proposal, as Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder suggests he's leaning toward more conservative figures from the legislature's economic analysts.  

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler explains.

Researchers for the Legislative Budget Office or LBO say they think the state will have half a billion dollars less in tax revenue for the two-year budget that starts in July than DeWine’s budget office has projected. And the LBO is suggesting lawmakers cut the spending increase in DeWine’s budget by 25 percent. But DeWine is confident in his spending plan.

“I said when we introduced this budget that this is really an investment in the future of the state of Ohio. So I would certainly not like to see any of these programs that are really about the future and really about making Ohio move forward, we don’t want to see those cut.”

The LBO says when projections for revenue at the end of the current fiscal year are added in, their numbers are more than $700 million less than those from the DeWine administration.