Former CEO Of Hebron Military Contractor Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

May 24, 2019

Credit Licking County Sheriff
The former head of a Licking County military contractor has been sentenced to 57 months in prison and 1.6 million dollars restitution after pleading guilty to embezzling the money from his former employer.

68-year-old Yoav Kapah used to run Hebron-based ArmorSource. Prosecutors say he hired a woman and paid her for services not rendered, and used company money to fund romantic trips with the woman and travel for his family. He also used company money to purchase goods and services for himself. Prosecutors also say he used a consulting company to collect nearly one million dollars in kickbacks. Prosecutors say he started stealing from the company in 2012. He was fired in 2017. In 2016, the company agreed to pay 3 million dollars to the federal government to settle a lawsuit over substandard combat helmets it provided to the U.S. Army.