Why Ohio's Unemployment System Might Not Be Fixed Soon

Jan 21, 2021

Ohio’s unemployment system continues to be a challenge the for thousands who say it is slow and non-responsive.

Tthe system has needed major updates.  Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

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Governor Mike DeWine says when he took over, there was a big problem with Ohio’s unemployment system – it was not connected to the internet cloud system. 


“It was clear we had to get on the cloud.  And that process was started. And that process, I’m told by our team, will finish but will not finish until the end of this year.” 


Kim Henderson, the head of agency that oversees Ohio’s unemployment system, says not being on the cloud means the state has to come up with work arounds when the federal government makes changes to the process for unemployment dollars. Still, she and DeWine say the state is working to improve the system as soon as possible.