Columbus City Attorney's Office

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein today released 8 recommendations to reform the culture of justice in the city.

WCBE files

A group that has tried three times to change the size of Columbus City Council and the council electoral process plans to try again. 

Ohio Public Radio

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment to change the congressional redistricting process are opposing a competing plan from state lawmakers.

A top official with the Cleveland branch of the NAACP says he has no confidence the city will make changes within the police department without federal oversight.  

A federal judge has denied the Ohio Legislature's request to become part of a lawsuit challenging early voting rules.

Climate change has recently been a prevalent item of discussion in the nation, and groups concerned about it are watching Ohio and its energy standards law. 

Longtime Dayton civil-rights activist Reverend Raleigh Trammell has violated a judge's order to begin serving his jail sentence.