North Market

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation reducing the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana. 

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Columbus City Council on Monday is expected to approve legislation to expand the city-funded North Market

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Developers are taking the first step toward building a 35-story apartment complex at the North Market. 


Columbus officials have announced redevelopment plans for the North Market. 

The Columbus Downtown Commission has approved plans to demolish three buildings in the Short North, with the land to be turned into parking lots.

Columbus City officials are now considering three proposals from companies wanting to redevelop a property next to the North Market. 

Columbus city officials say they're looking for a developer to purchase the 140-year-old North Market and an adjacent parking lot.

The North Market is expanding its hours. 

The North Market has named Grandview Heights native Rick Wolfe as Executive Director.

City Council Roundup

Apr 30, 2013

Columbus City Council last night approved spending nearly 1.2 million dollars to renovate the ventilation system at the North Market.