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A federal magistrate is allowing attorneys to question the father of the publisher of a Worthington-based neo-Nazi website and an accountant in connection with a lawsuit against the publisher.

A Muslim-American radio host has received a court judgment in his favor in his lawsuit against the publisher of a Worthington-based neo-Nazi website who did not response to the case in court. 


Andrew Anglin, whose Worthington-based neo-Nazi website is notorious for its racist internet trolling campaigns, has dubiously claimed he lives in Nigeria.


A Worthington-based neo-Nazi website publisher is asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing him of orchestrating an anti-Semitic internet trolling campaign against a Montana real estate agent and her family.


A federal judge has refused to give court-ordered permission for attorneys to question a Worthington-based neo-Nazi website publisher's relatives about the man's whereabouts.

Attorneys for the man suing the publisher of a Worthington-based neo-Nazi website are asking for court  permission to question the publisher's relatives concerning his whereabouts.

A Muslim comedian and radio host has filed a lawsuit in Columbus, suing the central Ohio man who runs the white supremacist website The Daily Stormer.