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Prognosis Ohio: LGBTQ Health with Julia Applegate of Equitas Health

Show Notes: 

For More Information About Equitas Health - link

Information on Equitas Health Institute - link

LGBTQ Health Initiative (City of Columbus) - link

Information on Bills Discussed in the Prognosis Ohio News Roundup:

HB 90:

  1. Ohio House - Record of Health Committee Hearings - link
  2. New Ohio House Bill Would Require Public Schools to Teach About 'Humanity of the Unborn' (The Cleveland Scene, June 5, 2019) - link

HB 268:

  1. New Ohio bill takes shot at employers who want workers vaccinated (Plain Dealer, June 3, 2019) - link
  2. Making the Vaccine Decision (Centers for Disease Control) - link
  3. House Bill 268 (Text, Ohio Legislature) - link

Lawsuit over Gun Restrictions in Ohio Cities:

  1. Cincinnati Sues Ohio Over Law Prohibiting City Legislation To Prevent Gun Violence (HuffPo) - link

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