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Ohio Senate Approves Fetal Remains Bill

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure requiring hospitals and abortion providers to bury or cremate fetal remains. Ohio law currently does not define how to dispose of the remains. The measure was prompted by a discredited video from anti-abortion activists accusing providers of dumping remains in public landfills. More from Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow.

The issue came into the spotlight after Attorney General Mike DeWine accused Planned Parenthood’s disposal contractors of placing fetal remains in landfills.
Senate Democratic Leader Joe Schiavoni said this is an excessive burden on women.
Schiavoni: “And so no it may not legally restrict a woman’s right to abortion but it shames her after she’s already made that decision into making another decision and for me that is something that we should not be legislating.”
Senate Republicans say the bill preserves the dignity of the remains. The bill now goes to the House which has already held hearings on a similar bill.

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