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Gun Advocates Upset Over Provision In New State Law

Ohio Public Radio

A gun owners' group is challenging a state self-defense law passed last year - saying it could make felons out of half a million Ohioans who own certain types of weapons. 

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

The law was changed to remove a “stand your ground” provision. But Chris Dorr with Ohio Gun Owners says a section that he says will outlaw many shotguns and rifles such as the AR-15 was overlooked.

“Governor Kasich vetoed the ultimate gun control bill that, had he known what was going on, he definitely would not have vetoed it.”

Lawmakers overrode Kasich’s veto. Republican Representative Nino Vitale, a strong gun rights supporter, blames the rush of the lame duck process for what he calls a “drafting error” not being caught.

“It wasn’t the intent. It’s frankly embarrassing.”

Dorr wants an emergency fix before the law takes effect in late March. Vitale says he and other lawmakers are working on it, but he thinks it’s unlikely that prosecutions will happen.


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