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Ohio Dems Ask Court To Take Action Against GOP Over Drop Boxes

Liesl Bonneau

The Ohio Democratic Party is asking the Franklin County judge who issued a ruling allowing for additonal ballot drop boxes to take action against the Ohio Republican Party. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports. 

Shortly after the court issued its opinion, the Ohio Republican Party put out a tweet that accused the judge of colluding with the plaintiff, the Ohio Democratic Party.  


“The Republican Party reaction is just downright unhinged.” 


Ohio Democratic Party chair David Pepper is asking the court to find the party guilty of contempt in the case. And Republican Chief Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor condemned the party’s comments too. 


“No matter how the judge ruled, to accuse them of partisanship is just at the hearts of what I think are efforts to weaken the judiciary.” 


When asked whether Jane Timken, the chair of the Ohio Republican Party approved the statement, spokesman Evan Machan said - quote - “You can attribute that statement to me.” 


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