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Ohio Redistricting Commission To Take On Congressional Map

The Ohio Redistricting Commission is going back to work – this time drawing a new Congressional district map after state lawmakers failed to agree on one before the constitutional deadline. But anti-gerrymandering groups hope the Congressional map splits the state more fairly than the Ohio House and Senate maps approved by the redistricting commission, which are now tied up in court.

The state legislature was required to create a new Congressional district map by the end of September. Now that they've missed the deadline, it's the Ohio Redistricting Commission's turn to draw the lines.

Ohio will lose a Congressional seat, going from 16 to 15.

Voters approved a new process to draw the Congressional map in 2018, in an effort to stop gerrymandering, where the districts are drawn to favor one party over another.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission is facing three lawsuits accusing the recently approved state legislative maps of being gerrymandered.

Those maps retain Republican supermajorities in the Ohio House and Senate.

The redistricting commission has until the end of October to reach a bipartisan agreement for a 10-year map.

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