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Citizen-Led Coalition Proposes New "Unity" Redistricting Map

A coalition of community groups are touting a map with newly drawn district lines for state lawmakers. The group says its so-called "unity" map reflects the political makeup of Ohio. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports. 

The citizen-led redistricting advocacy group used input from more than 2,000 drafts to put out its rendering of new Ohio House and Ohio Senate districts.

Desiree Tims with the Equal Districts Coalition, which includes nearly 30 groups such as Equality Ohio and the Ohio Education Association, says they hope the maps get consideration.

"Ohioans know their communities best. So the most accurate district map will be drawn from input from real Ohioans."

The group notes that the districts reflect how Ohio has split in statewide elections; 54% Republican and 46% Democrat. 

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