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How To Hold Onto COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Evgenia Parajian

Over 6.3 million Ohioans have received at least one COVID-19 vacination - and the little card that proves it.  Many people keep that proof with them to get into restaurants, concerts, even keep their jobs. But what happens if you lose that card you get along with the shot? Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles posed that question to the head of Ohio’s health department.

Some states have phone apps where cards can be uploaded, and some automatically turn that information into QR code to protect health information. But Ohio doesn’t have an app like that and won’t. In fact, state lawmakers have talked about expressly banning them. So, Ohioans are carrying their cards with them. The Ohio Dept of Health director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff says if you lose your card, you should first go to the place where you got your shot to see if they can reissue the card.  

“If they’re unable to help, you can call your local health department who can attempt to look up your vaccine record as well because there’s a database they can turn to.” 

And if that fails, Vanderhoff says there is information on the ODH’s website to request your vaccination record.