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Ohioans Might Get A Chance To Vote On Vaccine Requirements

somkanae sawatdinak

Ohio lawmakers have been considering legislation that would prevent employers, business and government from discriminating against people who haven’t received COVID vaccines. But now, as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, one group says if lawmakers don’t act soon, they’ll try to put it out for Ohio voters to decide.

Stephanie Stock is the president of a group called Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom. And she’s among those who filed a petition with the Attorney General to start a process that could put an issue on next fall’s ballot to allow Ohioans to decide whether people who are unvaccinated for COVID or against other illnesses can be fired or discriminated against. 

“Since the legislature is not giving them the protections they need, we decided we need to let the people decide.”

Stock says lawmakers would have four months to pass a bill making it illegal for employers, businesses or governments to demand vaccines of any kind. 

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