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Dan Skinner

Host, Prognosis Ohio, Podcast

Dr. Dan Skinner is Associate Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Social Medicine at Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, on the Dublin, Ohio campus. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the City University of New York. Skinner teaches and researches about, as well as advocates for increased access to health care, especially for underserved populations, as well as various aspects of social determinants that affect the health of communities, in Ohio and beyond.

He is co-editor Not Far from Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio (Ohio State University Press, 2019), author of Medical Necessity: Health Care Access and the Politics of Decision Making (University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming 2019), and has published more than two dozen academic articles in health policy and politics, medical education, and political theory.

In addition, Skinner is co-director of the Osteopathic Health Policy Fellowship (link: and director of Ohio University’s Comparative Health Systems--Cuba program, which affords him an opportunity to travel to Cuba with Ohio University students to learn about Cuba’s health care system (link: