Parents Ask For Help Retaining Custody While Getting Treatment For Kids

May 28, 2019

Parents testify before the Ohio Senate Finance Committee on child custody amendment
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Parents who have surrendered custody of their children to youth services are telling Ohio Senators about their heart-wrenching decisions.

Because of limited resources and lack of insurance coverage, these families can no longer afford treatment for a range of mental health and developmental issues. A provision in the two-year state budget proposal could prevent custody relinquishment.  Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow explains.

Mothers and fathers stood before the Senate Finance Committee to share what they called stories of pain, humiliation, and sorrow.


Mark Butler has been outspoken about relinquishing custody of his son, who would have violent outbursts and needed a variety of treatment.


He’s calling on the Senate to increase funds supporting who are known as multi-system youth.


“Help figure out why this is still happening and fight for us wherever you can. Do not let another family, another family who’s already struggling, suffer the way my family did.”


A budget amendment would pump $18 million into this fund.


The coalition of parents are also calling on more research to find out how many families resort to relinquishing custody.