Purdue Pharma Seeks Dismissal Of Opioid Lawsuits, Considering Filing For Bankruptcy

Mar 5, 2019

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma is asking a court to throw out a lawsuit filed by the Massachusetts attorney general accusing the company, its owners and top executives of deceiving patients and doctors about the risks of opioids. 

Purdue argues the lawsuit distorts facts, mischaracterizes internal company documents and makes oversimplified claims while attempting to cast the firm as a scapegoat for the opioid crisis. Massachusetts will fight Purdue's bid.  More than 1600 hundred individuals and state and local governments - including Columbus - have lawsuits pending against Purdue and other drugmakers, most naming multiple defendants. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says the state is also among the plaintiffs.

Purdue is also considering filing for bankruptcy, putting a hold on all litigation that could cost the company billions.