Skyrocketing Insulin Prices: A Conversation with Rep. Beth Liston and Kathryn Poe

Jan 26, 2020

Show Notes

Host: Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner)

Guests: Rep. Beth Liston (@Liston4Ohio) and Kathryn Poe (@Poements)

Produced by Dan Skinner and Mark Frantz

The following will provide readers with some background information on subjects discussed on the episode:

Press Release: Legislators Introduce Insulin Pricing Bill Package

One particularly relevant quote from the press release: “Insulin prices nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, and approximately 30% of diabetics have rationed the life-saving medication due to cost. This poses significant public health risks and economic concerns to Ohioans. Ohio has a higher incidence of diabetes than other states and one in four diabetics in Ohio are considered to be in poor control of their disease.”

Please watch the press conference at which Rep. Liston and her colleagues announced the bill package. The presentations by Kathryn Poe and Antroinette Worsham are particularly worth your time.

Learn more about T1 International’s Insulin4All action here.

Read Some of Kathryn Poe’s work here and here.

Learn about ketoacidosis here.


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