State Announces Locations Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Jun 5, 2018

Ohio Board of Pharmacy members consider medical marijuana dispensary licenses
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The state Monday announced the locations of 56 medical marijuana dispensaries.

Five are in the Columbus area. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

The Board of Pharmacy awarded up to 56 dispensary licenses. 376 companies had applied. Three geographic areas, two in Northeast Ohio and one in Southwest Ohio, will not get a dispensary due to lack of viable applications. But board liaison Ali Simon says that doesn’t mean those areas won’t have dispensaries someday.

“That is something we can look at after the September 8th deadline. We do have the authority to review if there needs to be more licenses allocated on a geographic basis.”

The licensees are expected to open medical marijuana stores around September 8th – when by law Ohio’s medical marijuana program is set to be fully operational.