Transgender Ohioans File Suit To Get Proper Listing On Birth Certificates

Mar 30, 2018

upporters of ACLU/Lambda Legal’s lawsuit against the state
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Attorney General's office says it's reviewing a lawsuit filed by the ACLU and Lambda Legal on behalf of four transgender people who want the genders on their birth certificates changed to properly reflect their identities. 

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Stacie Ray is one of the plaintiffs. She says she was embarrassed, harassed and threatened with physical violence after a human resources employee publicly noted the gender on her birth certificate does not match the gender on her driver’s license and other legal documents.

“I was referred to as the freak and the female coworker said if she ever encountered me in the women’s restroom that she would beat me up.”

Aaron Baer with the Citizens for Community Values says his group doesn’t condone threats like Ray experienced. But he says the ACLU is sacrificing medical accuracy for political ideology.

“What they are trying to force the state to do here is falsify medical records.”

The ACLU says Ohio is one of only three states that has yet to change its policies on transgender people and birth certificates.