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Hosted by Columbus local and Ohio University professor Dan Skinner, Prognosis Ohio is a podcast addressing all facets of healthcare, health policy, and health politics in Ohio. The podcast aims to shine a light on a wide range of health and healthcare issues throughout Ohio, from changing legislative developments affecting Ohioans’ access to health care services; to stories of Ohioans in interacting with our state’s healthcare system; to ongoing challenges in housing, food, transportation, and other systems that relate to health outcomes, and are often shaped by inequalities and barriers; to addiction, mental health, and challenges with meeting Ohioans’ healthcare needs; and the health challenges around specific populations throughout Ohio, such as those facing Central Ohio’s LGBTQ, population and communities of color. Every other week Prognosis Ohio brings a news roundup to WCBE podcast experience listeners, as well as an in-depth interview on a pressing issue. Follow Prognosis Ohio on Twitter at @PrognosisOhio

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In this episode, host Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner) interviewed Senator Tina Maharath. Senator Maharath represents Ohio’s 3rd Senate district, is the ranking minority member on the Local Government, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs committee, and sits on the Health, Human Services and Medicaid committee. You can follow her on Twitter at @TinaOHSen3

In our news roundup, we discussed:

Rob Moore is Principal at Scioto Analysis, a firm that provides policymakers and policy influencers with evidence-based analysis of pressing public problems. We spoke about food insecurity and the policy issues that impact Ohioans ability to access food.

Show Notes: 

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Information on Bills Discussed in the Prognosis Ohio News Roundup:

HB 90: