Community Shelter Board

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The Community Shelter Board is reporting an increase in the number of people who say they have no permanent home.  

The City of Columbus and the Community Shelter Board today announced the opening a new shelter for homeless men and women who test positive for COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with symptoms and need to be quarantined.

The Community Shelter Board conducted Columbus and Franklin County's annual point-in-time count of the region's homeless population.

Community leaders and homeless advocates today celebrated the expansion of a housing development for people experiencing homelessness, mental health conditions, and addiction.

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation giving 4.3 million dollars to the Community Shelter Board for programs to fight homelessness. 

The Community Shelter Board and its volunteers conducted Columbus and Franklin County's annual point-in-time count of the area's homeless population. 

The Community Shelter Board received the second largest grant in the latest round of federal funding to prevent youth homelessness. 

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Columbus City Council is scheduled to introduce legislation on Monday designed to curb aggressive panhandling.

Columbus City Council this week approved legislation giving 75 thousand dollars to the Community Shelter Board to support a program fighting infant mortality.

Despite a slight increase nationally, homelessness declined in Ohio according to the latest estimate by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


The Community Shelter Board today conducted its annual homeless count in Columbus and Franklin County.

Strategies to end homelessness in central Ohio are working, but the number of individuals and families using shelters continues to climb.

The Community Shelter Board leads the eleventh annual "Point In Time" count of the homeless population in Columbus and Franklin County tonight. 

More Space For Homeless Families Planned

Apr 17, 2014

The Community Shelter Board is expanding space for homeless families as their numbers increase.

Volunteers in Ohio today and tonight will conduct what is called the annual "Point In Time" count of the homeless.

The Community Shelter Board has approved spending nearly eleven million dollars this year on programs to combat homelessness.

The Community Shelter Board says its winter-overflow shelter on Industrial Mile Road in Franklin Township is staying open past its scheduled closing date of last Friday because of the unusually cold weather.

The fight over a proposed winter shelter for the homeless in Franklin Township is forcing other shelters to fill beyond capacity.

A Franklin County judge has refused to grant a request by a child care center to block the opening of a 190-bed homeless shelter next door in Franklin Township.

The courts are being asked to step into the fight over a proposed homeless shelter in Franklin Township.