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Ballot campaigns in Ohio have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on their right to relaxed signature-gathering rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has sided with a coalition that’s pushing a voting rights amendment for this fall’s ballot. The justices rejected a decision made by majority Republicans on the state ballot board to split the amendment into four parts.

Backers of a planned fall ballot issue seeking to raise the minimum wage in Ohio to 13 dollars an hour by 2025 have filed a lawsuit, saying Governor Mike DeWine's coronavirus restrictions have halted their effort. 

Kim Thomas felt drawn to being a home health aide after caring for her own ailing mother. Human dignity, she says, can be simple, like a bath and a favorite snack.

When Thomas first started visiting homes to care for patients, she made $7 an hour. That was in North Carolina about 16 years ago. Her pay inched up over time, to $10.50. To try to make ends meet, she sometimes would work through the night, dozing in patients' homes.

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A group trying to increase the minimum wage through a constitutional amendment can begin collecting signatures to put the issue on the November ballot. 

The Ohio Attorney General's office has approved a summary of the proposed fall statewide ballot issue backed by a coalition of unions and community groups to raise Ohio’s minimum wage by nearly 50 percent to 13-dollars an hour by 2025. 

A coalition of unions and community groups is working to place on the statewide ballot this fall a constitutional amendment to raise Ohio’s minimum wage by nearly 50 percent to 13-dollars an hour by 2025. 

Kecia Jolley is getting a pay raise this week. But she's still making minimum wage.

Jolley works as a grocery store cashier in Missouri — one of nearly two dozen states that increased their minimum wages on Jan. 1. Economists say those mandatory wage hikes are an important factor boosting pay for workers at the bottom of the income ladder.

Jolley's Friday paycheck will be the first to reflect Missouri's 2020 minimum of $9.45 an hour, up from $8.60 last year.

"I think that I'll be better off," she says. "But I think that it's going to still be a struggle."

A new study suggests that raising the minimum wage might lower the suicide rate — especially when unemployment is high — and that doing so might have saved tens of thousands of people from dying by suicide in the last quarter century.

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President Trump is scheduled to appear in Toledo Thursday for the first campaign visit of this election year.

Minimum wage workers in Ohio are set to get a small raise on Wednesday.  

Columbus city leaders Wednesday announced all full-time municipal employees will now make a minimum of 15 dollars per hour. 

Mt. Carmel Raising Wages

Sep 25, 2019

Officials with Mount Carmel Health System say they are raising the minimum wage for workers to 15 dollars an hour.

Ohio State University is raising the minimum wage for qualifying staff members to 15 dollars per hour next year. 

Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would increase the pay of at least 17 million people, but also put 1.3 million Americans out of work, according to a study by the Congressional Budget Office released on Monday.

The increased federal minimum could also raise the wages of another 10 million workers and lift 1.3 million Americans out of poverty, according to the nonpartisan CBO. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 and last increased a decade ago.

Franklin County commissioners have announced a new collaboration to address poverty. 

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Bank of America will raise the minimum wage for its employees to $20 an hour in the next two years and freeze health care cost increases for lower-paid workers, the company said Tuesday.

The hourly pay will rise to $17 starting May 1 and then increase to the higher rate by 2021, CEO Brian Moynihan said.

Minority Democrats in the Ohio Legislature have re-introduced a bill raising the state's minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. 

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A federal appeals court has ruled that Ohio televangelist Ernest Angley did not violate labor laws by urging members of his congregation to volunteer at his church's for-profit restaurant. 

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Democratic state lawmakers are making another effort to raise the minimum wage. 

19 states, including Ohio, will see their minimum wages increase on January 1st.

Ohio's minimum wage will increase by 5 cents next year to adjust for inflation.

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Minority Democrats in the Ohio Legisature have laid out their agenda on economic and educational issues they say majority Republicans are ignoring.

Columbus-based Nationwide Insurance says it will increase its minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour by the end of next June.

Fast Food Workers Strike Calls Attention To Minimum Wage

Dec 5, 2013

Workers at fast food restaurants in Columbus and several other U.S. cities are holding strikes and protests today, seeking higher wages. 

A study by the University of California at Berkeley shows 45 percent of Ohio's 75-thousand fast food workers make so little income that they turn to public assistance programs to make ends meet.

Ohio Minimum Wage Worker Tells Her Story

Aug 29, 2013

Thousands of fast-food workers are scheduled to go on strike today in cities in Ohio and other states to seek a higher wage.

Minimum Wage Goes Up Next Year

Dec 28, 2012

The state's minimum wage will increase slightly next year, thanks to Ohio voters.