It's Movie Time March 26, '21 Sentinelle

Mar 25, 2021

John/Wayne find some exciting action and serious characterization in this new Netflix thriller.

Inspired by her Golden Globe award, John and Johnny survey Jodie Foster's career.

Special: It's Movie Time March 19, '21 The Mauritanian

Mar 18, 2021

Listen as John and Linda witness Gitmo and Jodie Foster's Golden Globe award in The Mauritanian.

With her win at Golden Globe, the boys survey Jodie Foster's career.

John and Johnny cite new directors worthy of seeing again.

An extension of Linda and John's It's Movie Time discussion of The Mauritanian.


Mar 14, 2021

In the spirit of female revenge porn, Sentinelle fulfills some but not all of the genre's expectations.

Paper Lives

Mar 13, 2021

Street life in Istanbul is more Dickens and less Slumdog. The search for mom goes on.

John and Mindy explore a fascinating and fraught romance in 19th-Century New York State.

John and Johnny discuss new directors such as Greta Gerwig and Regina King.

The Mauritanian

Mar 8, 2021

Eye-opening docudrama about post-911 witch  hunt by US. In Prime and theaters.


Mar 7, 2021

A stunning tale of exile and redemption set against astonishing landscapes. In theaters.

John and Sommer don't always agree, but they sure do enjoy each other's company.

John and Sommer Marie comment on Golden Globe 2021 winners.

An informative origin story about Notorious, a rapper, hip-hop legend cut off too early. Netflix

Our extended conversation about the Oscar-worthy Korean family drama Minari.

Our critics define "Thriller."

The Father

Feb 28, 2021

It's the acting that makes this drama a constant nominee for awards.

The World to Come

Feb 28, 2021

Splendidly wrought and fraught, this rough-country romance is worth every second of love and loss.

It's Movie Time Feb 26, '21 Nomadland

Feb 25, 2021

John and Mary praise this Oscar-worthy road pic with the Oscar-worthy Frances McDormand (in theaters).

Film reviewed: Nomadland

by host John DeSando and guest, Mary Yerina

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Denzel is the balance between actor and star.

John and Mary love this award-winning road show.

A docudrama filled with history from the tumultuous '60's.

The best thriller of the year, and it's funny. On Netflix.

Malcolm & Marie

Feb 20, 2021

An  intensely-acted romantic drama on Netflix. And it's a two-hander.

John and Kevin admire this Korean Oscar bait. It's low-key good about family.

Animation King-Pixar's Soul is an example of  excellent animation.

An exciting companion to Maneri and an echo of Parasite's greatness. Prime


Feb 12, 2021

A Korean family moves to Arkansas to farm:  a lovely indie on almost everyone's Oscar list. In theaters Friday.