Ohio School Boards Association

Andy Chow / Statehouse News Bureau

The group that lobbies for Ohio’s school boards has broken from a national school boards group over a letter that asked President Biden for federal help with concerning incidents at school board meetings.  Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler says Ohio is among the first states to leave the national group over a letter that suggested threats against school board members might be “domestic terrorism”.

Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

Schools throughout Ohio are dealing with outbreaks of COVID-19. Some have temporarily shut down.  Others have gone to remote learning until the situation gets under control. As Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, how a school district can react is based on the plans they set forth this summer.

The Franklin County Board of Elections says the Gahanna Jefferson school money issue on Tuesday's ballot remains too close to call. 

The Ohio School Boards Association says voters Tuesday approved a smaller percentage of school tax issues on the primary ballot than in the previous primary election. 

Ohio’s public schools could lose millions of dollars to private schools through an expansion of the state’s biggest voucher program.

Ohio voters Tuesday approved 73 pecent of the 154 public school district tax issues on ballots.

Ohio voters on Tuesday approved 76 percent of the school money issues on local ballots, up from 68 percent in May of last year. 

A report commissioned by three public school groups shows state funding for K-12 education hasn’t bridged the gap between rich and poor districts.  

Ohio voters Tuesday approved more than two-thirds of school levies on their ballots. 

The Ohio Board of Education and the state's two largest teachers unions have publicly opposed a bill in the Ohio House consolidating the Ohio Departments of Education and Higher Education with Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation. 

Ohio Public Radio

The relationship between Ohio Governor John Kasich and education leaders has been troubled for years.

The Ohio School Boards Association says 87 out of 122 money issues on Tuesday's ballots around the state were approved.

The group representing Ohio school boards is offering advice to districts following the Ohio Supreme Court's decision last May upholding the constitutionality of a Whetstone High School student's backpack search.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio lawmakers are considering giving farmers a break on their rising property tax bills.

Ohio voters on Tuesday approved the majority of school tax issues on their ballots.

Next year's Ohio high school seniors will be the first to choose their route to graduation - pass some state tests, take a college entrance exam or earn an industry credential.

Ohio voters approved 77 percent of the school levies on ballots across the state on Tuesday, down from 85 percent last fall.

An analysis of Ohio Department of Education school report-card data shows the achievement gap between low-income and wealthier school districts continues to widen.

Karen Kasler

Thousands of Ohio students are truant every year, and many wind up getting expelled. Three Republican state lawmakers have introduced a proposal to deal with the problem. 

Some Ohio school districts been charging fees to students for sports, music and theater programs and other activities for years.

An analysis of recent public school student test results shows economic status plays a major role in the scores.

85 Percent Of Local School Funding Issues Pass Statewide

Nov 4, 2015

The Ohio School Boards Association says voters approved 94 of the 110 school funding issues on local ballots in the state Tuesday.  

Education leaders are sorting through the details of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s proposed changes to the state's school funding formula. 

Voters Approve More Than Two-Thirds Of School Money Issues

May 8, 2014

The Ohio School Boards Association says voters this week approved 69 percent of the school funding levies on their ballots.

An education-funding think tank is releasing new district comparisons it says more accurately reflect the costs of educating poor students.

More than two-thirds of voters Tuesday rejected the Columbus schools levy.

Report Links Poverty To Poor Student Academic Peformance

Sep 17, 2013

Groups representing Ohio school boards, administrators and treasurers have released an analysis of data collected under the state's new assessment system that confirms the link between poverty and student performance.

The mother of an autistic first-grader who uses a service dog is challenging a decision by the Athens City Schools, which says the girl must change schools because her special-education teacher is allergic to dog dander.

State's Report Cards For Schools Have New Look

Aug 22, 2013

The Ohio Department of Education says its website has been overwhelmed with visitors seeking access to new school district report cards since their release on Thursday.

Short-Term Teaching Contracts Becoming More Common

Aug 21, 2013

Students all around the state are grabbing their books and heading back to school. But some teachers are returning to class without new contracts.