Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Andy Chow / Statehouse News Bureau

Kids are back in class all over Ohio, and this year’s incoming freshman have a new set of standards they’ll have to meet to graduate in four years.

Ohio Public Radio

Business groups, weathly school districts and a charter school organization are backing a new proposal on high school graduation requirements. 

Ohio Public Radio

The bi-partisan school funding plan proposed by two state lawmakers would cost one billion dollars more than the current formula. 

 Charter school advocates are calling on state lawmakers to increase their funding for facilities. 

Statehouse News Bureau

A new study by advocates for school choice shows charter schools in urban areas are underfunded.

An analysis of state school report cards conducted by a pro-charter school group shows Ohio has yet to reach its goal of having 65 percent of working-age adults hold college degrees or industry certificates by 2025.

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a strong supporter of charter schools,  says state report cards on public schools are unfair to those with high poverty rates. 

Ohio’s newly-released school report cards rank the Columbus City Schools among the lowest performing districts in the region, despite an improvement in elementary school literacy.

Karen Kalser / Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

The embattled online charter school operators that’s had funding pulled back several times because of attendance and participation discrepancies is making a change.

A study by a pro-charter school group shows open enrollment in public schools helped improve student academic achievement.

A non-partisan think-tank in Ohio that advocates for charter schools says implementation of the 2015 state crack down is working.

Ohio school officials and education experts are waiting to see what President-Elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education will mean in a state that pioneered school vouchers.

Republican State Senator Peggy Lehner is pushing back against allegations by a political blog that she has a conflict of interest regarding charter schools.

A look at several online charter school attendance reviews reveals more may be  unable or unwilling to meet the state standards proving students are learning.

A new study by a charter school backer says Ohio students who moved to private schools under the state's EdChoice scholarship program tended to perform significantly worse on state reading and math tests compared with public school students.

Ohio Public Radio

A new state audit shows charter school attendance has improved.

Andy Chow

With Ohio’s failing charter schools getting most of the attention, the state’s more successful charter schools say they’re struggling to attract good quality teachers. 

Leaders of top-ranking charter schools say more money is needed to pay for teachers and facilities in order for them to thrive.

Public school advocates say they have the numbers to prove the funding system for charter schools hurts public school students.