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The Present and Future of Abortion in Ohio: A Conversation with Prof. B. Jessie Hill

What is the current state of abortion access in Ohio, and what does the future hold? On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, host Dan Skinner talks with Professor B. Jessie Hill, JD, who is Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Judge Ben C. Green Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law. Dan and Jessie talk about the current state of abortion access and reproductive rights generally in Ohio, and what restrictive abortion laws in Texas and Mississippi might mean for Ohio. Dan asks Jessie to share some of her personal reflections on doing this work over the past few decades, to which Hill responds that the current moment is perhaps the most pivotal moment reproductive rights advocates have experienced since the early 1970s before Roe v. Wade became law.

On the episode, listeners will learn about the disjuncture between law and public opinion (a majority of Ohioans support Roe v. Wade), which Hill explains is in part a function of a theme that comes up often on Prognosis Ohio: gerrymandering. Perhaps most important, Skinner and Hill talk about what the state of things would be in Ohio if Roe were to be overturned. The episode opens with a clip from last week’s episode, in which David DeWitt, Editor-in-Chief of the Ohio Capital Journal notes that the current Ohio General Assembly has shown itself interested in passing all manner of abortion restrictions. You can listen to that episode, which also featured reporter Jake Zuckerman, here.

This episode of Prognosis Ohio was hosted and produced by Dan Skinner. Music by Kyle Rosenberger. To learn more about Prognosis Ohio, please visit the show’s website at Prognosis Ohio is a member of the WCBE Podcast Experience and Health Podcast Network.

Dr. Dan Skinner is Associate Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Social Medicine at Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, on the Dublin, Ohio campus. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the City University of New York. Skinner teaches and researches about, as well as advocates for increased access to health care, especially for underserved populations, as well as various aspects of social determinants that affect the health of communities, in Ohio and beyond.
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