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Lawmaker Questions Who Is Funding Kasich's Out-Of-State Security Detail


Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich has been traveling around the country in recent weeks, laying the groundwork for his presidential campaign. A Democratic state lawmaker and former Columbus City Council member is backing legislation blocking any Governor seeking the White House from using taxpayer dollars to pay for her or his security detail while campaigning. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Democratic State Senator Charleta Tavares says she realizes Governor Kasich needs a security detail when he is working on state business. But when it comes to running for president, she wants to know who is footing the bill for it.
“When he is campaigning or fundraising for an election to President, that is not his official duty as the Governor of the State of Ohio. Does he need protection? Absolutely. But that should be paid for by his campaign,” Tavares says.
Tavares is sponsoring a bill that would prevent Kasich and any future Governor who runs for President from being able to use security guards paid for by Ohio taxpayers. It’s unclear if taxpayers are paying for the Governor’s security personnel on his campaign trail. His spokesman, Rob Nichols, says for the safety of the Governor, his family and those who are with him, he never discusses security procedures or resources.  

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