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Mandel Backs 'Alt-Right' 'Pizzagate' Promoter

Associated Press

Republican State Treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel has sided on social media with the right-wing personality behind the online conspiracy theory dubbed "pizzagate." Mandel retweeted a post Thursday by Mike Cernovich that accused the Anti-Defamation League of "inciting terrorism." The anti-hate league's new report identified Cernovich as part of the "alt-lite" movement. The group says such activists reject overtly white supremacist ideology but embrace misogyny and xenophobia. Mandel backed Cernovich and tweeted the league had become "a partisan witch-hunt group targeting people for political beliefs." On Friday, Mandel characterized the report as a "hit list." The league says it is calling out people who engage in anti-Semitism and bigotry regardless of their background or party. "Pizzagate" is an unfounded conspiracy theory that claims Democrats harbor child sex slaves at a pizza restaurant.

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