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Gubernatorial Candidate DeWine Says He Would Keep But Reform Medicaid Expansion


For the first time, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine is clearly stating he would keep Medicaid expansion in the state. 

DeWine says he's been supportive all along, but his opponent says that's not true.  Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports. 

While accepting the endorsement of the Ohio State Medical Association, DeWine said he’d keep Medicaid expansion but that he’d reform it, including adding work requirements and wellness incentive programs.

“Look, there’s no change. What we have said is, all along, is that it had to be reformed.”

But Democratic candidate Richard Cordray said DeWine has always opposed the Affordable Care Act, which allowed for Medicaid expansion, and that during the GOP primary, DeWine said Medicaid expansion would not exist if he were elected.

“Mike DeWine has done an absolute flip-flop right in the middle of this campaign on a key issue of health care accessibility.”

Governor John Kasich has said he hoped both candidates would consider keeping Medicaid expansion, which he pushed through over Republican lawmakers’ opposition in 2013.

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