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Inspectors Find "Significant Deficiencies" Still Exist At Mount Carmel

Federal inspector says the central Ohio hospital that is the subject of more than two dozen wrongful death lawsuits is "in compliance" but "significant deficiences" still threaten federal funding.  

Alison Holm reports.

In a letter sent Monday to Mount Carmel West, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services says a March 8th inspection noted the unspecified problems  "limit your hospital's capacity to render adequate care and ensure the health and safety of your patients."

35 patients at Mount Carmel Hospitals were given excessive or potentially fatal doses of painkillers and other medications while under the care of William Husel between 2014 and 2018.  Husel was fired in December, his medical license has been temporarily suspended and he remains under investigation.

Following an inspection in January, the CMS reported Mount Carmel had did not have appropriate safeguards on powerful painkillers and threatened to strip the health care sytem of Medicare and Medicaid funding.  Mount Carmel addressed the "immediate jeopardy" with mandatory pharmacy verification of doctors prescriptions.    30 staff people,  including nurses and pharmacists, have been placed on leave pending investigation.

Details of the latest inspection will not be made public until Mount Carmel responds with a correction plan. 

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