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Dewine Says Rate Of Positive COVID-19 Cases Increasing, Despite More Testing

Ohio Department of Health

Ohio Governor Mike Dewine says he is not ordering increased restrictions on businesses.  

And he's not planning on mandating wearing masks.  But he is concerned about the rate of increase in positive cases, which he says has continued to creep up in recent days.

DeWine says there were 737 new cases reported in the past 24 hours, for a total of 51,046 in Ohio since the beginning of the pandemic.  The rate of hospitalizations lags the diagnosis of cases, but that number is starting to grow as well.

"The number of standard hospitals occupied by COVID-19-positive patients peaked in late april and early May at about a thousand. They reached a low of 513 on June 20th, was our low. Just last week though we had about 500 to 550 total COVID patients in Ohio's hospitals. This week we're now at around 650."

DeWine says increased testing accounts for some of the increase in the number of cases, but he says it's disturbing that the *rate* of positive cases is not going down, which would be expected as the pool of people being tested increases.

"One would assume if everything is staying equal, as you expand your universe the number is going to go down; that's what every expert says. Our number has not gone down."

Dewine says he doesn't want to respond with blanket orders for the state, but will consider a county-by-county or regional approach to the increase in cases of COVID-19.  The numbers in Hamilton and Montgomery counties have increased dramatically in recent days.  And DeWine  says the number of cases in Cuyahoga County - where over 100 cases were diagnosed over the weekend - are a cause for concern.


A native of Chicago, naturalized citizen of Cincinnati and resident of Columbus, Alison attended Earlham College and the Ohio State University. She has equal passion for Midwest history, hockey and Slavic poetry.
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